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I got the chance to work with the M family a few weeks ago and they wanted to focus on capturing their family in their town, Lake Oswego.  They moved here a few years ago, and have loved being a part of the community.  So we walked around the downtown Lake Oswego area for a bit and captured some of their favorite spots.  I love that this location has meaning for their family.  Check out their session!

I had such a blast photographing the Stover family’s newest addition.  She is the sweetest little baby, but also big brother and sister were amazing!  They might have been the most cooperative siblings during a newborn shoot, ever 🙂   Thank you Stover family for allowing me to capture this time in your lives, I love working with you!

IMG_0002 IMG_0055 IMG_0102 IMG_0126 IMG_0297 IMG_0346 IMG_0401 IMG_0508 IMG_0580 IMG_0612 IMG_0625 IMG_0686 IMG_0707 IMG_0759 IMG_0780 IMG_0795 IMG_0808 IMG_0820 IMG_9836

I am so excited to be an auntie, again, to my sister’s little baby!  Miss Moira Jean made her appearance a little over a month ago now, and she did not disappoint with a head of red hair.  I just get to live vicariously through my sister since all of her kids seemed to get the red hair genes from the family 🙂  She was a dream to photograph, and pretty much slept through the entire thing.  Big brother Ollie wasn’t too bad either, he and I had some fun!  Isn’t the light gorgeous?  We had a seriously awesome evening shooting in their home.  Get ready for the baby spam!IMG_6270 IMG_6347 IMG_6352 IMG_6360 IMG_6370 IMG_6385 IMG_6429 IMG_6445 IMG_6457 IMG_6470 IMG_6491 IMG_6506 IMG_6515 IMG_6518 IMG_6526 IMG_6553 IMG_6561 IMG_6565 IMG_6568 IMG_6577 IMG_6582 IMG_6598 IMG_6622 IMG_6644 IMG_6675 IMG_6695 IMG_6727 IMG_6745 IMG_6761 IMG_6835 IMG_6852 IMG_6925 IMG_6987 IMG_6992 IMG_7082 IMG_7108 IMG_7117 IMG_7183 IMG_7216 IMG_7347 IMG_7416


This little guy has gotten so big!  I last photographed him at only a few weeks old.  Now he is about 8 months and crawling so fast!  What a cutie though, those blue eyes are stunning.  Here are some sneak peeks from him session.

IMG_0035 IMG_0090 IMG_0342 IMG_9398 IMG_9417 IMG_9501 IMG_9555 IMG_9728 IMG_9742 IMG_9798 IMG_9854 IMG_9872 IMG_9984

We had such a great day at our Mama & Me Portrait Event for Mother’s Day.  All of the moms looked so gorgeous after getting fancy with Austie Eckley.  We had a great group of families come through that day!  I am excited to share these images, as it is rare that we get to capture just mom and babies behind the camera.  The special bond between mother and child is unlike any other, and it was so special to capture these moments for these moms.  I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day with your little ones!