I am so excited to be an auntie, again, to my sister’s little baby!  Miss Moira Jean made her appearance a little over a month ago now, and she did not disappoint with a head of red hair.  I just get to live vicariously through my sister since all of her kids seemed to get the red hair genes from the family 🙂  She was a dream to photograph, and pretty much slept through the entire thing.  Big brother Ollie wasn’t too bad either, he and I had some fun!  Isn’t the light gorgeous?  We had a seriously awesome evening shooting in their home.  Get ready for the baby spam!IMG_6270 IMG_6347 IMG_6352 IMG_6360 IMG_6370 IMG_6385 IMG_6429 IMG_6445 IMG_6457 IMG_6470 IMG_6491 IMG_6506 IMG_6515 IMG_6518 IMG_6526 IMG_6553 IMG_6561 IMG_6565 IMG_6568 IMG_6577 IMG_6582 IMG_6598 IMG_6622 IMG_6644 IMG_6675 IMG_6695 IMG_6727 IMG_6745 IMG_6761 IMG_6835 IMG_6852 IMG_6925 IMG_6987 IMG_6992 IMG_7082 IMG_7108 IMG_7117 IMG_7183 IMG_7216 IMG_7347 IMG_7416